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Your Flight School - Best of the Best !
Flight Training from PPL(A) to ATPL(A)
Training for the following ratings: FI(A), CPL(A), MEP(L), MCC, VFR-NOC
Trainings for the mechanic`s license
Major repair and overhaul of engines and of propellers
Our work is a passion that fulfills the dreams of others!

Cabin Crew Training

 The cabin crew courses and its modules have been developed to cover EU-OPS and other aviation requirements for initial, conversion, and recurrent cabin crew training for the following aircraft types: B757, B737, F50 and Q400. It’s includes both theoretical and practical training with highly qualified airline experienced instructors using quality training facilities and devices.

We provide standard or tailored to your needs
(initial, recurrent and refresher):

 We train cabin crew for operation on:

  •     Boeing 757

  •     Boeing 737

  •     Bombardier Q400

  •     Fokker 50