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Your Flight School - Best of the Best !
Flight Training from PPL(A) to ATPL(A)
Training for the following ratings: FI(A), CPL(A), MEP(L), MCC, VFR-NOC
Trainings for the mechanic`s license
Major repair and overhaul of engines and of propellers
Our work is a passion that fulfills the dreams of others!

Bombardier Dash 8 Q400 Type Rating

Royal Star Aero and AirBaltic Training offers full and abridged Type Rating Courses for Bombardier Dash 8 Q400 aircraft. The training is being performed by instructors with serious experience that regularly operate appropriate type in airBaltic.

Bombardier Dash 8 Q400 course is above the JAA and EU-OPS requirements.

Course prerequisites (for JAR-FCL and EU national licences)*:

  •     MCC certificate
  •     ATPL, MPL or CPL with valid ME IR
  •     Theoretical ATPL exam
  •     Valid MED certificate
  •     English: at least ICAO Level 4

*For other licences - according to national regulations

  •    Uprawnienia MCC
  •    ATPL , MPL lub CPL z ważną ME IR
  •     Teoretyczny egzamin ATPL
  •     Ważny certyfikat MED
  •     Angielski: co najmniej na poziomie ICAO 4

* W przypadku innych licencji - zgodnie z przepisami krajowymi

Course content:

1. Theoretical Ground Course
10 days, including exam
Location: CBT, minimum 2 days in Riga, Latvia

2. Flight Training

Flight Training Device: 21 hours (3 sessions)
Full Flight Simulator: 40 hours (10 sessions), including Test
Riga (ground school) and Stockholm (FFS)

3. Base Training*
Duration: 1.5 hours (6 or 4 TO/GO)**
Riga International Airport

* airBaltic Training provides Aircraft training only to graduates of our Type Rating programs.
** A pilot with more than 500 hours flight time on similar types and excess of 1500 hours total flight time should complete at least 4 landings including one full – stop landing. Others: 6 landings including one full – stop landing.