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Your Flight School - Best of the Best !
Flight Training from PPL(A) to ATPL(A)
Training for the following ratings: FI(A), CPL(A), MEP(L), MCC, VFR-NOC
Trainings for the mechanic`s license
Major repair and overhaul of engines and of propellers
Our work is a passion that fulfills the dreams of others!

Airport Katowice

Our offer is even more attractive because our aircraft are stationed at the International Airport Katowice in Pyrzowice and carry out air operations for each airport in Poland and South-West (in the direction of Germany, Croatia, Slovakia.) Using the services AERO-TAXI have the opportunity to choice of destinations to which we will strive to achieve a connecting flight to ensure safe arrival to your destination.

As a result of our fruitful Society of 
Górnośląskie Towarzystwo Lotnicze SA Katowice International Airport in Pyrzowicach we would like to offer you a start in the comfort of traveling from the airport in Katowice by making a few great services:

The Business Lounge is located in Terminal B in the Schengen departures area.  It is open 7 days a week between 4:00 am and 8:00 pm.

Fast Track is located on the 1st floor of Terminal B. The service was  established  to improve the security check and ensure the highest level of comfort prior to departure.

•        Convenient parking directly outside the Terminal
•        Coordinator welcome in the public area then
•        assistance in the restricted area by the Business Lounge employee
•        Priority check-in
•        Accelerated security check – FAST TRACK
•        Individual transfer to the aircraft in a Mercedes limousine with Business  Lounge staff escort and assistance


From time to prepare for you a detailed offer for the flight, fills provide support at every stage of planning and organizing the outlet. We strongly encourage you to use our services. We remain at your disposal to answer all your questions. We are waiting for you at the Katowice International Airport in Pyrzowicach!