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Your Flight School - Best of the Best !
Flight Training from PPL(A) to ATPL(A)
Training for the following ratings: FI(A), CPL(A), MEP(L), MCC, VFR-NOC
Trainings for the mechanic`s license
Major repair and overhaul of engines and of propellers
Our work is a passion that fulfills the dreams of others!

mechanic license

PART-147:  Training to mechanics license:

A. A1 - Airplane - turbine engines
A. A2 – Airplane - piston engines
A. A4 – Helicopter - piston engines
B1.B1.2 - Airplane - piston engines.

Duration of of complementary courses: from 1 to 6 days (depending on module)

Start date: determined after the completion of the group of participants (min 5 people).

Recruitment: a phone call: 017 788 63 60 or e-mail: biuro.aero @ royal-star or royalstaraero@op.pl

Additional information: the price of the course participant receives training materials.